We produce a huge range of different footstools at Footstools & More, and each one is handmade to order. That means that you have an almost unbelievable number of choices because we have dozens and dozens of different designs of footstools, some without legs, others with legs, wooden legs, metal legs, and so on.

Then you have a very wide choice of different patterns, so you might want your footstool plain, you might want it buttoned, you might choose deep buttoned, or you might want yours piped. There is also an incredible choice of different materials – wools, velvets, Italian velvets, leathers, and more – and you can also select a material from our designer partners who each offer a huge amount of different patterns. You can even choose your own material and buy it and send it to us and we will make your footstool using that. All this is why nearly every footstool we make is unique because you – the customer – get to choose.

Many of our customers choose to buy leather footstools online because leather is such a wonderful choice. It can take a lot of punishment from rowdy kids jumping up and down on it or cats using it as their own personal sleeping space. (If you have a cat, you will know that you don’t own the cat, the cat owns you, so if it chooses the top of your footstool, that is where it sleeps).

Furthermore, another advantage of leather footstools is that if you use them to put drinks trays on, there is always the danger that someone may spill a drink. This is not so bad if that spill is tonic water, but if it is red wine on your velvet footstool that is not so good.

However, with leather, you just get a large handful of kitchen towel and mop it up and it won’t cause any issues.

Another big advantage of leather footstools is the scent of the leather itself. You know when you buy a new car with leather seats you get that glorious smell? Well with a leather footstool you get to enjoy it in your home. (Perhaps another reason why the cat may like it).

Our leather footstools are available in a range of different colours and include cow hide. We can also make your footstool in Idaho which is a faux leather, if you prefer.