It makes a lot of sense to have a footstool in your living room because there is a great sense of peace when you have been out at work all day – especially if the boss has been grouchy – because when you finally get home, after all that hacking through the traffic, you can slump down on your sofa and put your feet up. It is just ten minutes of pure heaven, even if you have to get up afterwards and put the kettle on / pour a large G&T / or just feed the cat.

However, there is one thing to note about a footstool, and that is that it will take up a certain amount of space in the room. The bigger the footstool, the more space it needs, so if you have one which is long so that it can be used by both you and your partner it will take up more space than, say, a drum footstool.

That doesn’t matter, in the sense that the footstools that we produce at Footstools & More can be covered in your choice of a huge number of different fabrics or leathers, so it will actually add to the décor of your room rather than interfere with it. It becomes something of a focal point.

It Still Takes Up Space

However, it still takes up space and, as we have often said, if your footstool is taking up space, why not make some practical use of the space? After all, it is basically just an empty box. Put a lid on that box so that you can open it at the top, and you suddenly have a load of storage space that you can use for all sorts of things.

A footstool with a lid is commonly called an ottoman, and it is just so convenient because you can chuck all the things in there that you really need to have in the living room, but don’t want them making it look as though the kids have just fought a battle in it. And it is often the kids! All those toys!!

Many people like to have an ottoman in leather, and a black ottoman is a really smart addition to any room. Another big advantage is that because it is leather it is really easy to clean up any spills – usually caused by the kids, the dog, or tripping over the cat when coming back from the kitchen with a glass of Merlot.

So, you have a great looking piece of furniture which is also functional because you can get rid of all those kids’ toys in about 60 seconds.

Put your feet up – and peace reigns once more.