Our large wooden trays are handmade in the UK and polished in a range of colours. The are very well made and have become a very popular option for use on large footstools.
We currently stock:

  • Large Black Wooden Trays
  • Large Dark Oak Wooden Trays
  • Large Light Oak Wooden Trays
  • Large Wenge Wooden Trays
  • Large Charcoal Wooden Trays
  • Large Silver Wooden Trays

We have four large sizes which are perfect for large footstools and ottomans. We can also make large bespoke wooden trays so they can fit perfectly on your footstool.
Our large wooden trays are a great alternative to a full wooden coffee table. A tray can be used occasionally or pushed to the back of the footstool so you can put your feet up. The tray can be used to create a focal point on your footstool or ottoman with a vase of flowers, or to keep books, ornaments or photographs.
A large wooden tray can work very well as a games board for chess, monopoly or other games you and your family may enjoy playing together.
The footstool and tray combo is a very popular choice and they work very well together. The footstool can have matching legs to tie in with your tray colour too.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Large wooden trays and large ottoman trays.