There is nothing quite like getting home from a hard day at the office and flopping down into a comfy sofa or armchair so that you can have a few minutes’ break before getting on with whatever else it is that you have to do. Like preparing dinner. Feeding kids. Bathing kids. Trying to get kids to sleep in this hot weather. Cooking dinner. Going back upstairs to see to kids who have woken up. Walking the dog. Feeding the dog. Feeding the cats. Checking Facebook to ensure that you haven’t missed an important message. Eating dinner. Washing up.

And finally, crashing out on the sofa again with a glass of your favourite vino and putting your feet up – at last – on your footstool. Woohoo! You really need that rest, don’t you?

And the best way of getting it is to be the proud possessor of a footstool so that you can put your feet up. Literally. It’s an old expression, isn’t it? “Put your feet up”. But doing just that can have a beneficial effect. It actually alters the blood flow so there are physical benefits that way too, but it just relaxes all those muscles and makes you feel far more comfortable.

At Footstools & More we can provide you with the footstool of your dreams. This is because every single footstool we make is created to the wishes of the customer. Sure, we have hundreds of different designs of fabric footstools, but perhaps you would prefer leather? No problem. Not everyone wants fabric footstools.

Do you want a pouffe or would you prefer an ottoman that can take the feet of two people – or even three? Would you like a storage footstool? It can make a lot of sense to use the empty space inside a footstool for storing things, simply by adding a lid on top.

Perhaps you need a hallway bench? It’s not a footstool, but then again it can be if you wish. A hallway bench is perfect for walking the dog and trapping the kids. You have a shelf on the bottom, so you can sit on the bench and put on and take off your wellies, leaving them on the shelf when done. You can also make an order that the kids do the same when they come home after playing in the park in muddy November.

And you can also use the bench as a footstool or for extra seating when you have visitors. Just pick it up and pop it down again in the living room. Simple!