We all need somewhere to put our feet up after a hard day’s work, or even after a hard day’s walk out in the country with the dog. To “put your feet up” is synonymous with taking a rest and a break, although many people don’t actually do it because they don’t have anything on which to put their feet.

This is really rather sad. Not only does putting your feet up make you feel comfortable, it is also good for your circulation. This is especially good for you if you have been sitting looking at a laptop or desktop computer all day in the course of your work.

The fact is that investing in a footstool not only gives you a lovely piece of furniture to add to your room, but it will make you feel better as well. All right, a footstool does take up a certain amount of space, but if you have a reasonable sized room, it won’t look out of place.

A Pouffe Takes Up Little Room

Of course, some people do live in small homes such as a flat or even a bedsit. But in this case, you could invest in a small footstool such as a pouffe. A pouffe really takes up very little space. At Footstools & More we have a huge range of pouffes – over 80 of them in fact – and they can come in a wide choice of different materials and colours to match your décor. Many of the designs are drum shaped footstools, but we also have them in a cube shape, and hexagonal, and we even produce one in the shape of a hashtag which is popular for people with modern contemporary décor. 

They have more uses than just being somewhere to put our feet up too. You can use a pouffe to hold a small tray with drinks on it. You can use it to put a vase of flowers on. It is also the perfect place to put your laptop while you busy yourself on Facebook or Twitter. Our pouffes may be small, but they are also very strong and the ideal thing for an extra seat if you have guests come over to visit.

Most of our pouffes are designed without legs and there is a wide choice of different materials from which to select. You might like your pouffe in leather, which is easy to clean if you accidentally spill coffee or tea on it. You can just wipe it off and the pouffe will look like new.