If you are considering buying a storage footstool, then at Footstools & More we applaud you. We have always said that a footstool takes up a certain amount of space. In that sense it is like putting a large box in your room. It could equally be a solid block of timber for the amount of space that it occupies.

So, why not make use of that space? You can’t do that if you have a solid block of wood, but a footstool is much more like a box, in that it is empty inside! Yes, you’ve got a box in your living room, but you can’t use it as a box.

Put a lid on that box with hinges though, and now you suddenly have a box that you can use to store all sorts of bits and pieces in! It’s a storage footstool. There are all sorts of items that we use in the living room. One of the most obvious are the remotes, but if you are a smoker, you need cigarettes and your lighter. You may have papers, magazines, a laptop, playing cards, knitting, your phone, and so on. Pop them in the footstool and they are out of sight and not cluttering up your living space, yet they are right there to hand when you need them.

Fabric Footstools

Most of the footstools that we make are fabric footstools, although we do offer a range of superb leathers. A leather footstool does have one big advantage if you have kids or you like a glass or two of Chateau Plonk. Spill some red wine on leather, and all you need is a few kitchen towels to wipe it off. Do the same thing with a fabric and it is going to need specialist cleaning.

With that said, most of our customers order fabric footstools because of the sheer range of different options. With leather, you are somewhat limited, but with fabric your options are endless. We have a huge range of fabrics including wool, velvet, Italian velvet, easy clean plains, textured boucles, patterns, and so on.

Even so, some of our customers spend a lot of time going through our choices, and then realise that they are not limited to what we stock ourselves, because we also offer designer fabrics from some of the biggest names in the fabric industry. So, you have thousands upon thousands of choices.  

Not only that, but if you want to buy your own fabric and send it to us, we will happily use that for you.