At the end of a long hard day’s work, or even a long hard day trekking in the countryside, there is nothing quite so comforting as getting back home, making a cup of tea/pouring a large Scotch, switching on the telly, and lounging back on the sofa while putting up your feet on your footstool.

However, lots of homes don’t have a footstool, for the simple reason that if you go to your local furniture store, they probably don’t stock them. Yes, you can find sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, coffee tables, and so on, but footstools probably not. Or if they do, there won’t be very many to choose from. And this is ultimately why many homes don’t have that wonderful piece of furniture that provides so much comfort.

However, at Footstools & More, while you are welcome to pop into our workshops in Leeds if you happen to live close by, you can also buy footstools online in the UK. And the beauty of this is that we have an almost endless choice of different shapes, sizes, colours, materials, footstools with legs, without legs, tall footstools, short footstools, pouffes, bench footstools, buttoned, deep buttoned, and a whole lot more besides. Just take a look at our website and you are spoilt for choice. There are hundreds and hundreds of footstools. We have been making them for over 50 years, so we have come up with quite a range of designs over the years.

And if you don’t see the ideal footstool for you, that’s no problem either.


It’s actually very simple. Our team of craftsmen will make you a footstool to your own bespoke design! Yes, you can design your own footstool to your precise specifications, and we will make it for you.

So, you can have a footstool for one, a footstool for two, a square one, round one, hexagonal one. Heck – we even do one in the shape of a hashtag for those who want the ultra-modern look!

Oh, and of course we make ottomans too. That’s one of those footstools with a lid so that you can use the space inside for storing all the kids’ toys, laptop, knitting, wine bottle and glasses, newspapers, magazines, and all the rest of the stuff, out of the way so that your sitting room is tidy and won’t embarrass you if the neighbours pop round. What could be better?