At Footstools & More we make a LOT of footstools. You might expect that (the clue is in our name) but it is because we have a lot of customers, and all of them want the right footstool that fits in with the decor of their home.

So, for example, some people love the colour blue and want a footstool in blue to match the wallpaper in their living room. Other people hate blue and want something in cream – or red, green, orange, grey, black, yellow – you name it.

Some people love footstools in luxury material with deep buttoning. Other people don’t like buttons and want a plain footstool. Some want a footstool with legs. Others want a footstool with no legs or just small feet. Some want a footstool that can also act as storage such as an ottoman, which has a hinged lid, and which in effect is a box in which you can store anything that you wish.

Many people love to sit down after dinner and watch the TV or perhaps Netflix. All of our customers want to be comfortable after a long hard day’s work, which is why they choose to buy a footstool in the first place. However, some of them want a large footstool so that as a couple they can both put their feet up on it at the same time, while others want small footstools which are their own “personal” piece of space. Each to his, or her, own.

This is why, at Footstools & More, we produce such a huge variety of designs, styles, sizes, materials, and colours, of footstools so that we can cater for every taste. We are all different and all have our own likes and dislikes, and our job is to provide the footstool that is perfect for YOU. This is why we keep adding more and more designs to our range because we want you to know that we can offer you whatever it is that you want.

Not only that but if you look through our vast catalogue and don’t see exactly what you want, our craftsmen will produce a footstool to your own design and in your own choice of materials. There are not many furniture makers who can or will do that.

But we believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best, and if that means that we produce a “one-off” then that is exactly what we will do for you.