At Footstools & More we make a huge range of different footstools and ottomans. When we say huge, we do mean huge, and this is because of all the different options that we offer to you, our customer.

Just to begin with, we make footstools in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. So, you can have a square footstool, rectangular one, circular, hexagonal, and we even make one in the shape of a hashtag for the ultra-modern home.

Then we also have a vast choice of different materials in which your footstool can be covered. And if you don’t find precisely the material that you want, you can buy your own material and send it to us, and we’ll use that.

There are many different legs that you can have on your footstool – assuming you want legs: you can have your footstool without legs if you prefer. Your footstool can be plain, or it can be buttoned or deep-buttoned, and it can have Swarovski crystals in it if you wish. The footstool can be deep, shallow, or somewhere in between, and it can be of any width and length that you wish too.

Can you begin to see why it is that we hardly ever make two footstools that are the same, for the simple reason that you have so many options. Basically, you choose your own design. Not only that, but if you wish, you can design your own footstool from scratch, and we’ll make that.

And we haven’t even started on ottomans yet. What’s an ottoman? Well, it is a footstool with storage. It has a lid. So, it is in effect a large box. We have always taken the view that since a footstool is going to take up a certain amount of space you might as well make use of that space for storing all sorts of things out of the way that you need to hand, but when you are not using them.

So, you might have a black ottoman footstool that looks very classy in the living room and in which you can keep the kids’ toys when they have gone to bed, books, magazines, playing cards, CDs, DVDs, sewing materials, a tablet or laptop, and so on. Whisper it quietly, but some people have even been known to keep a few cans of beer and a couple of glasses in their ottomans!

Oh, and you can put your feet up on your ottoman as well.