Whether you call them footstools, ottomans, or pouffes, they all do one basic job, which is letting you put your feet up and rest them after a long day at the office, or a hard afternoon walking the dog down by the river. Or for that matter a hard Saturday gardening, or building a shed, or fixing the fence.

However, footstools come in a wide range of different designs and sizes, and they can perform other functions than just being somewhere to plonk your feet while you watch EastEnders. They can function as a coffee or drinks table if you place a tray on top of them, or you could just use the tray to place a vase of flowers on.

You can use your footstool to serve as extra seating when you have guests or when family members pop round unexpectedly. You can use them for work if you put your laptop or tablet on them, and you can use them to play online games or you could use them for Face Time when you are chatting to friends. You can put your knitting pattern on your footstool or pop the remote on it so it’s handy when you want to change channels on the TV.

And we haven’t finished yet. Footstools always take up a certain amount of space, and some of the larger ones that can take two pairs of feet or seat two visitors actually do take up a fair amount of space. Now if you have your footstool designed with a lid it is what most people would refer to as an ottoman, but the important point is that you can use all that space to store things in. After all, a footstool is basically an empty box, so if you put a lid on it you can use that box for all sorts of stuff that you need to keep handy in the living room – or dressing room, bedroom, den, or whatever – and it keeps the room tidy while at the same time it is all there when you need it.

At Footstools & More we can produce your footstool in any design and material that you wish. You might want a brown leather footstool in the UK, or any other colour. We also produce footstools in cow hide in various colours which have lovely patterns in them. And, of course, you can have any of them produced as storage footstools – ideal for keeping kids’ toys in among other things.