There is nothing quite like coming home after a hard day’s work and commuting through the rush hour, to be able to sit down with a cup of tea or a glass of your favourite vino and put your feet up on a luxury footstool for a half hour or so. It lets you unwind from the day, watching the news on TV or reading the paper, in complete and utter comfort, which is just what you need before having to get up and prepare dinner. In fact, some people find that it is so relaxing that they get their phone out and order a takeaway for delivery so that they can just continue to be comfortable. Each to his or her own.

At Footstools & More, we produce footstools in a huge range of different designs: different shapes, solid footstools, ottomans, table stool footstools, storage footstools, buttoned footstools, cube footstools – the list goes on and on. Not only that, if you can’t find what you want among our vast selection, you can design your own footstool and we will make it for you. We want every customer to have the perfect footstool for them.

Our footstools are all built to last and the frames are glued and screwed. We have a huge range of different materials from which to choose as well, in fabrics, leather, or Idaho, and they come in wool, velvet, Italian velvet, and can be plain, contemporary, patterned, Omega prints, and more. Again, if you look through this great selection and don’t see anything that “clicks” with you, that’s OK too. We will happily let you choose your own fabric and send it to us, and we will use that instead.

There are also our designer fabric footstools from which you can choose, and we have an ever-growing number of different designers from which you can choose. If you click on the “Fabrics & Samples” link at the top of our website, you have a choice of asking us for samples from our own range or supplying your own fabric. The third link – Designer Fabrics – will take you through to a list of the designers that we use and you can then click on each link and go through to their website where you can browse their range of designs and also request samples from them as well. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that every customer has the footstool that is ideal for their own home.