Who says a footstool has to be square? Or oblong? What’s wrong with a round footstool?
Not everyone lives in a 10-bedroom mansion. Not everyone lives in a four-bedroom detached. Heck, not all of us live a two-up, two-down, terraced house. Some of us live in a one-bedroom flat.
That doesn’t make us any different from the next person. We all have one head, two arms, two legs, two feet, with other parts variable according to gender.
However, we are all the same in the respect that when we come home after a hard day at the office, assuming that after Covid-19 we have been into the office in the first place, we need to put our feet up for a bit and take it easy. That applies whether you are returning to the 10-bed mansion or the single bed flat.
Even if you haven’t been into the office but have been working remotely, sitting at the kitchen table all day with a laptop can become tiring, so you need a break. And that means that you need a footstool. What else can you put your feet up on? Not the coffee table, that’s for sure.
But the big difference is that if you have the 10-bedroom mansion you probably have enough room in your lounge for a three-piece suite with a big sofa and armchairs, and a big oblong footstool which can accommodate the feet of not just one person, but two or three.
However, if you live in the one-bed flat, you probably don’t have room for a footstool that size, so you need something smaller. But who says it has to be square? Why not round? Or even hexagonal?
There are probably far more people living in relatively small accommodation than there are living in 10-bedroom mansions, which is why, at Footstools & More, we produce a large range of round footstools that are ideal for the smaller household. Just to be difficult, we call them drum footstools because they look a bit like a drum, but no matter - they are still round.
We also produce them in a choice of heights. That is for a very good reason, because we know that some people prefer to rest their feet up high, while others are comfortable with their feet just twelve or fifteen inches off the floor. If the latter is you, take a look at our Capri One short circular deep-buttoned footstool. It has 6” turned oak legs and an overall height of 14” and can be 24”, 30”, or 40” diameter, as you choose. There is also a choice of 22 different fabrics. However, we can also make the Capri One in a bespoke size and using any fabric that takes your fancy – it’s up to you.
Maybe you would prefer our Camden Tall Drum Stool. That is 18” high and just 15” wide and we can offer a huge choice of fabrics or leather, including patterns in a variety of tartan designs.
There are lots and lots more round footstools in our range. Take a look and choose the combination that suits you.