A footstool is great for putting your feet up and taking a well-earned rest after a hard day at the office / on a cash desk in Tesco / training people at your gym / or just doing the gardening. But it can also be something that is so much more than just for putting your feet up.

Let’s face it: a footstool takes up space in your living room, so why not use that space for something more? Most footstools are in the shape of a box, so why not use that box for something? If we put a lid on the top of the footstool with a couple of hinges, it suddenly becomes an empty box that you can put “stuff” in – or what we call a storage footstool. Lift up that lid and - hey presto! – you can use it to keep all sorts of things that you need to hand in the living room, but really don’t want cluttering the place up.

We’re talking of the remote, TV Times (if you read it), books, newspapers, magazines, knitting, dvds, cds, and, of course, all those toys that the kids fill the room up with and that you want out of the way when it’s bedtime.

Why Not Have An Ottoman?

Now, of course, footstools come in various sizes, but if you want some really good storage space why not go for an ottoman? Something such as our Lexington deep storage ottoman will happily take the feet of two people and at the same time will give you a ton of storage space. Or there is our Bellagio storage ottoman, which is narrower than the Lexington but it’s longer, so you can have three people all sitting on the sofa using it at the same time.

Our storage footstools have other purposes as well. When you have some friends round for a party (remember those?) they make for additional seating too. All of our footstools are made using top-quality materials and they will happily take the weight of adults when you need some extra seating.

It goes without saying that all of our storage footstools and storage ottomans can be covered in any sort of fabric that you choose. We have so many fabrics available that there are bound to be several which will match your décor, but if you don’t see what you want, you can buy your own fabric and we will cover your footstool with that.