At Footstools & More we make a huge range of different footstools. We also make cushions in a wide choice of fabrics and designs, headboards for your bed, and serving trays as well.

However, footstools are what we make first and foremost, and although we have a huge choice of different patterns and designs, you are not even limited to those. You can choose your own fabric from another supplier, and we will use that for your footstool. You can send us your own fabric. You can even create your own design of footstool and we will make it for you.

Your footstool can be one of our fabric footstools or it can be in leather or Idaho. It can be plain. It can be buttoned – deep or shallow. It can have piping. It can have legs from a wide selection, some with castors and some without. They can be metal, wood, and so on.

No Two Footstools The Same

The upshot of all this is that we probably never make two footstools that are exactly the same because everybody has a choice, and what suits you may not suit someone else. So, although we have a huge choice of designs, you can think of them rather as a guide. You can choose which bits and pieces you want and leave out those that you don’t. It is a bit like building a Lego toy: you can play around with it until you find the exact thing that you want. Then all you have to do is to tell us and we will make it for you.

So, for example, you want your footstool with legs? We have no less than 90 different designs, some very modern, some antique, tall, short, with castors, without. You don’t want any legs? Fine. No legs it is.

You want a fabric, but you’re not quite sure which one goes best with your décor? No issues. Just ask us and we will send you some fabric samples so that you can see how they look in your own home.

In short, at Footstools & More, you get to design your own footstool and we make it. Of course, if you wish, you can choose a design and pattern from one of the many that are available on our website, and we will make that for you so that it will be exactly the same. It is entirely up to you.