You can’t go wrong with a fabric sofa if you are looking for something comfortable and contemporary for your home. They are great for warm winter nights when leather or plastic-based sofas aren’t quite as cozy.

However, while fabric upholstery is the favourite choice of many households, it is often said they are hard to clean and less durable than other options. For instance, leather is an incredibly hard-wearing material which doesn't take much to wipe clean if you spill your tea on it.

Nevertheless, there’s no reason you can't keep your fabric upholstery in top condition when you know how to take care of it!

Regular Cleaning

We have a habit of never really cleaning our sofas, which is crazy when you consider how it’s probably one of the most used items in the home.

Dirt or grime from your clothes can easily be transferred to your sofa when using it, and these particles can be hidden below the surface. You may notice fading or discolouration due to a buildup of dirt.

Below are some simple ways to clean your upholstery sofa and fabric footstools, which should be carried out at least once a month and ideally every fortnight.

  1. Vacuum your sofa and footstools to remove loose dust and dirt from both under and above the surface
  2. Brush away any remaining dirt with a clean plastic or wicker brush, being careful to avoid scratching or marking the material
  3. Target any stains with a damp cloth and suitable stain remover or deep cleaner. Never use bleach and always test first before applying to your whole sofa or footstool
  4. Leave your sofa to dry naturally before sitting on it again
  5. If possible, let your sofa breath by allowing natural air to flow in from windows and doors.

Sofa Covers

Check if you can detach your sofa cover or your cushion covers. This can be an amazing way to give your whole sofa a complete makeover. Whether you give it to the dry cleaners to handle or wash it yourself, it allows for more convenient maintenance.

Don’t Let Dirty Pets Have Free Reign

We all like to get comfortable with our pets from time to time, sitting next to us on the sofa when we’re watching TV, but just be careful they’re clean and not bringing in any dirt with them.

Use a Throw

At certain times of the year, to add some variation to your living room design, you might choose to use a nice throw or blanket with your sofa.

This is a great way to keep it clean and stop people from transferring dirt into the fabric. If you’re having a large group of guests over for the holidays, this is especially useful.

Avoid Sunlight and Strong Heat

When left in direct sunlight, upholstery can fade, bleach, and lose its natural qualities. This can also happen if it's too near to radiators, hot pipes, and fireplaces.

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