At Footstools & More we have a huge choice of different footstools dozens upon dozens of different designs covered in an almost unlimited range of different fabrics or leathers. They can be plain, deep buttoned, with long legs, short legs, no legs. They can be of many different sizes and they can be rectangular, square, round, or oval.

Not only that, many of our designs of footstools can be used for storage, which presents an almost never-ending range of possibilities. For example, you can store CD’s and DVD’s in them. You can keep the kids’ toys in them. Keep your knitting in them. Store books in them. Keep the dog’s toys in there or the dog biscuits as well.

What about keeping a bottle of vino and a couple of glasses in there? Then you don’t have to head off to the kitchen in the middle of Coronation Street, but just take your feet off the stool for a moment, take out the glasses, pour the wine, put the wine bottle on the floor next to your chair or the sofa, place the wine glass on the table next to the sofa and Bob is your proverbial uncle.

Oh yes! We nearly forgot. You can put your feet up on our footstools as well! What could be better at the end of a hard day at the office than coming home, taking off those heavy shoes, swopping them for a pair of slippers, and putting your feet up. That phrase “putting your feet up” has become synonymous with relaxing and taking things easy, because there is nothing so comfortable as doing just that. This is especially true if you have a job which involves standing all day, such as working in a factory on a production line, or perhaps working as a librarian, for instance. There is nothing more that you want to do at the end of the day than ease those tired feet.

There are lots of other jobs where you have to spend a lot of time on your feet, such as being a professional footballer, for example. It is not just on match days that you are on your feet, but during all of the training which goes on for the rest of the week. Or you could be an athlete and have to do cross-country runs all the time in order to keep at peak fitness.

Perhaps you are a carer, and you have to visit your charges, do their washing up, help them bath, dress, and so on, cook a meal for them, and go to the shops to get all their shopping. There are lots and lots of jobs where putting your feet up at the end of the day is something that you look forward to, and our footstools are the perfect way in which to relax.

When you use footstools which have storage in them – and that makes a lot of sense, because since they are taking up a certain amount of space, you may as well use it for something more – it also goes a long way towards keeping your home tidy. All those knick-knacks and odds and ends can go in the footstool out of sight and keep your room tidy.

Many of our customers at Footstools & More love our hallway benches. A hallway bench is perfect for a hallway or cloakroom because you can plonk yourself down on it and take of those muddy wellies or painful shoes and pop them in the bench so that you don’t trample the mud into the rest of the house. It also gives you a chance to grab the kids’ shoes as well before they rush into the lounge or the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Our hallway benches come in a choice of sizes and can be short and fat or long and thin. Long and thin is perfect for other uses such as a window seat or in the conservatory where there may not be a lot of space. You can sit on the bench and enjoy the great outdoors even when the wind is blowing, and it is cold.

Our hallway benches can also be built to your own specifications – sizes, depth, materials, buttoned, plain – whatever you wish. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll make it for you.