At Footstools & More we are firm believers in putting in a full working day and working hard, so that our customers get the perfect footstool when we promise delivery, or one of the many other products that we manufacture such as cushions, headboards, serving trays, and more.

However, we are also great believers that at the end of a long hard day we deserve to do the same thing that our customers do, and that is going home, put the kettle on, and put our feet up. Oh yes, we feel exactly the same way that you do: there is nothing better than putting your feet up and giving your legs a rest, and that is why our whole business is centred around doing precisely that. We are all about comfort.

Our footstools come in all sorts of different designs – square ones, oblong ones, round ones, tall ones, short ones, ones with legs, ones without legs, buttoned ones, deep buttoned ones, ones with lids so that they can be used for storage – the list goes on and on.

Then there is the choice of materials. We have an almost unlimited selection of different fabrics from which you can choose, in a vast range of colours and patterns. Some are self-coloured while others have a mix. You might prefer leather, so we offer that as well. Not only that, but if you don’t see anything you like, or you would prefer something different, we can do that as well. You can send us your own fabric and we will construct your footstool using that.

Of course, you can use our footstools to do a lot more than just put your feet up, although that is one of the joys of them. However, you can use them as a coffee table, for instance. We manufacture a selection of serving trays, so you can put everything on to one of those and bring it in from the kitchen and pop it down on your footstool. You could have a square serving tray, or if you have one of our larger ottomans a large serving tray which is rectangular.

You don’t just have to use the serving tray for drinks or coffee, either. The larger trays are perfect for playing cards on or to hold your knitting pattern. Some of our customers keep a serving tray on the footstool in order to hold a vase of flowers or perhaps some household plants. You might also want to use the tray to put your laptop or tablet on, or even use it to play a game of Monopoly or let the kids use it to play with their Lego.

Our range of serving trays is simple, yet elegant, and each one is handmade by our expert carpenter. They are made using an oak laminate base and solid oak timber sides, which makes them very strong. They are hand finished in a range of painted colours or wood finishes. So you can have them in light oak, dark oak, wenge, charcoal, or if you prefer, black.