If you are looking for a small footstool, you might want to consider a pouffe. These are small footstools that usually have no legs or feet, and can come in a drum shape, cube, or even hexagonal. We also make one in the shape of a hashtag, would you believe? Perfect for the contemporary home. They are the ideal way to put your feet up at the end of a hard day at the office – or even a hard day WFH.

A pouffe can be in a plain fabric or patterned and can be shallow buttoned or deep buttoned if you wish. They can also be short or tall, depending upon how high you like to rest your feet. Some of our shorter designs are wider than the drum size and thus can make a perfect seat for guests if you have a dinner party or invite them round after a game or two of golf.

Any of our pouffes can also be used as a storage footstool because we can simply provide them with a hinged lid. They obviously won’t hold as much as something like a large ottoman, but they are still very useful for storing small bits and pieces like the remote, the papers, magazines, and even a bottle of your favourite plonk and a couple of glasses. It saves having to go to the kitchen during the ads break!

Designer Fabrics

All of our fabric footstools can be covered in any of our huge choice of different materials, and these include leather, faux leather (Idaho), wools, velvets, Italian velvet, textured boucles, and they can be plain or patterned as you wish. If you look through the materials that we have in-house and don’t find something that jumps out at you, then you can also log on to the various designer fabric suppliers that we work with. This will give you a further huge choice of some thousands of different possibilities.

If you still don’t find the material you want for one of our fabric footstools, that is no problem either. You can send us your own fabric and we will make your footstool using that instead. So, the world is, as they say, your oyster. All you need to do is to click on the “Supply Your Own” link and follow the instructions. You tell us the footstool design that you want, and we can then let you know how much material you need to send to us. Simple!