At Footstools & More we can produce a footstool to your exact requirements. When you start looking through our website you will see that we have many different designs of footstools. You can have a footstool which is just a footstool and nothing more. You can have a storage footstool. You can have one which doubles as a coffee table. You can use it for seating when you have guests around. It can work as a table with a storage shelf underneath. Oh, and you can put your feet up on it too! There are any number of possible uses.

Then there is a wide choice of different fabrics and/or leather which you can use. You can choose from a large selection of different leg styles, with or without castors. You can choose the size of footstool and whether it is square, oblong, round, hexagonal, and so on. You can also buy and send us your own fabric if you don’t find anything you like from the huge range that we already carry in stock. In fact, the number of possible combinations is so great that we really don’t know exactly how many different ones there are. What it is probably fair to say is that our expert carpenters and seamstresses don’t make two footstools that are exactly the same in the space of a year. So when you have made your choice, it is pretty certain that nobody else is going to have one that is precisely the same as yours!

Very many of our customers do choose to have a storage footstool because it makes considerable sense. Your footstool is going to be taking up a certain amount of space, so it makes sense to use it to the best advantage. Effectively, your footstool also becomes a box with a lid – albeit a very pretty one – in which you can keep anything that you want.

When you consider that the prime purpose of a footstool is to act as something that you can put your feet up on and relax in comfort in the evening - or at any other time, for that matter – you can also keep things in it that mean that you don’t have to leap up and charge off to the kitchen when you want a drink at vodka o’clock! You can keep the vodka and a couple of glasses in the footstool – along with an ice bucket – and take life easy. Which is precisely what a footstool is for: to make life easy.