There is nothing quite like coming home after a hard day at the office, taking your shoes off, putting a pair of slippers on, and relaxing on the sofa with your feet resting on your footstool. That is, assuming that you have a footstool. If you don’t, you don’t know what you are missing - but then again that is presumably why you are here!

Now, if you are going to buy a footstool, we have a huge choice of different designs. In fact, we have so many that it can sometimes be hard to make that final decision. There are almost limitless combinations of design and shape of footstool, size, height, fabrics, buttoned, unbuttoned, with piping, plain, with legs, without legs, and so on. As we have said before, because of all the various combinations, it is unlikely that we ever make the exact same footstool twice. Everyone has different requirements, and each footstool is made by hand by our craftsmen here in Leeds to your specific request.

Many Customers Choose An Ottoman

Many of our customers choose to have an ottoman, because not only do you then have a footstool which can double as a table and as seating when you have visitors for a party, but you can also use it for storing things in. There is all that junk“stuff” that we need to hand such as the remote, a laptop, DVDs, CDs, knitting, magazines, and possibly the brandy and a couple of glasses, which we don’t want cluttering up the living room, and yet need to be able to grab whenever we want it. If you have kids, it is the perfect place to get rid of all those toys strewn around the room when you have put them to bed.

Many of our customers choose a black ottoman in leather or faux leather, and it can be a shallow one such as our Lexington or Barcelona Storage models, or it can be deep storage like the Bellagio Storage which will obviously hold more of all those bits and pieces. Of course, you can have it deep or shallow buttoned, or plain, or piped, and it can come with or without legs which can also have casters if you wish.

But your ottoman doesn’t have to be black because we have a huge choice of other materials from which you can select. Just click on the Fabrics and Samples link and you will see what we mean.