We have said it before, but it is worth repeating. The fact is that when you have a footstool it does take up a certain amount of space in the room. Just how much space it takes up will depend upon how large it is. If you want a footstool that is big enough for two so that you and your partner can sit and watch TV together, then your footstool will obviously be larger than if you have something smaller like a pouffe.

However, the point is that while every footstool takes up space, there is an easy way of making extra use of that space and that is by having a storage footstool. Our footstools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be square, oblong, round, hexagonal, and can be shallow or deep according to your choice. All we do is add some hinges to the top of the footstool and now you have what is effectively a box with a lid. You can store all sorts of things in there that you need to have to hand in the living room, but that for the most part you want to keep out of sight so that the room doesn’t look like a junkyard.

We are talking things like dvd’s, cd’s, books, magazines, the remote, playing cards, a chess set, photo albums, a laptop or tablet – you name it, if it isn’t too big you can tuck it away in your storage footstool. It is also the perfect place for toys if you have young children. Put them to bed, pick up all the toys, and shove them in the footstool. Nobody will know that you have kids!

They Are Very Strong Too

But just because our storage footstools are useful for keeping stuff in doesn’t mean that they are not strong. Every one of them is made using solid timber and, depending upon the size, will happily take the weight of one or two adults when you need some extra seating. You know, those occasions when family who live some distance away drop by when you were least expecting them. Or when you hold a dinner party for eight or ten people. Let’s face it, if you have a sofa and two armchairs like many families, that’s only seating for five after all.

Our footstools come in your choice of a wide range of materials and colours, and they can be plain, shallow buttoned, deep buttoned, and can have legs, no legs, legs with casters – you choose. We will make your footstool to your own design.