If you are like many families who have been cooped up at home during Covid-19 and you have a couple of small kids, a cat, dog, hamster, tropical fish, and more, you have probably found that it has caused a lot of problems. The kids have been under your feet all day, as has the cat, and the dog. The hamster and the tropical fish are not so much of a problem unless you let the hamster out of the cage. Then all hell can break loose as you try to find it.

The fish are no problem because they have no desire to leave their environment anyway and are simply waiting for their next feed. The cat and the dog may, or may not, be well-behaved, but they have probably found that having everyone at home can become too much for them as well, especially if they are youngsters.

As for the kids, well that can be a nightmare. Toys everywhere. All-day. Every day. All over the living room, the kitchen, on the stairs, and in their bedrooms. The bedrooms are not so much of a problem because when they go to bed at night you can just pick everything up and put it away in drawers. They will find it in the morning, of course, and be playing with it before you are even awake, but at least they are not littering the living room and the rest of the house.

But the hall, the stairs, the living room, the kitchen, dining room if you have one, can become very cluttered, very fast. This is why – or at least we think it is why – that at Footstools & More we have become so busy over the last few weeks.

Frustrated parents, stuck at home with the kids all day because there has been no nursery school or junior school, have become fed up with tripping over all the toys that the little dears have left out to trap them, and desperately need somewhere to put them away, even if it is only for a couple of hours before the kids find them again!

Hence why the idea of a storage footstool has become so appealing. It serves two main purposes, the first of which comes under the heading of storage, and the second coming under “footstool”. Not only that but the storage footstools that we manufacture at Footstools & More also come in a vast choice of different designs so there will always be something that fits in with the décor of your living room.

A footstool is, after all, first and foremost something to rest your feet on after a hard day at the office, or in the new normal, a hard day at home. But it takes up a certain amount of space, so why not make use of that space? It’s actually pretty simple.

Our storage footstools are much like a very pretty box. They are covered in whatever fabric you desire and can be deep buttoned, plain, or any pattern that you fancy. This box has a lid. It doesn’t look like a box with a lid, but in fact, that is what it is, albeit at the same time a very pretty piece of furniture and addition to your living room.

When you are getting towards your wits end with the kids, the dog barking, the cat jumping up on to the back of the sofa to get away from the kids, and your phone ringing because your boss wants to know why you haven’t completed your assignment and emailed him whatever it is he told you to do, the answer is now simple: you pack the kids off to bed, or at least for a nap, and you collect all the junk littering your living room, lift the lid on the storage footstool, and pop everything inside. Done and dusted. All gone.

The dog stops barking. The cat hops off the back of the sofa and meows to go out. You let the cat out. Take the dog for a walk. Come back home. Pour yourself a very large tipple of your favourite drink, switch on the telly to watch Coronation Street or East Enders.

And put your feet up on your storage footstool at the end of another very long, very tiring day.

Bet you can’t wait to get back to the office!!