If you want a footstool that does not take up a lot of space in the room, why not consider a pouffe? If you check the dictionary, a pouffe is described as a thick cushion used as a seat, and you can certainly use our pouffes to sit on. However, they also make an ideal resting place for the feet for one person, unlike an ottoman or bench stool which can easily have space for two people and often three.

We have over 80 different designs of pouffes and many of them are drum shape which means that they are quite small and don’t take up much room. You can easily have one each for you and your partner, which is a good idea because you can use them for different things.

So, for example, you might stagger home after a hard day’s work and just want to rest your weary feet. However, your partner may want to use her (his?) pouffe to rest a laptop or tablet on while chatting to mates on Facebook or Twitter. Or if your partner happens to be an MP, for making a comment on the latest disaster at Number 10 – either in favour or against. It certainly does seem to be that MPs spend a lot of their time on Twitter, mostly with the apparent object of “bigging themselves up”.

Not Just Drum Shape

Our pouffes come in a wide variety of designs, and not only drum shape. We have cube pouffes, shallow round pouffes, deep round pouffes, square pouffes, hexagonal pouffes, and we even do one in the shape of a hashtag, which is perfect for the ultra-modern “with it” home.

Most of our pouffes come without legs, although the Washington and Capri designs do have short legs as well.

You can also have your pouffe in a very wide choice of different materials and it can be buttoned or plain. A deep buttoned pouffe is extremely comfortable for resting your feet on, and we also have pouffes available decorated with Swarovski crystals.

In addition, you can have your pouffe designed with a lid so that it becomes a storage box in the same way as an ottoman. This is perfect for keeping all those bits and pieces that you need to hand – remotes, tablet, knitting, card games, your cigars, magazines, toys, stationery, and so on – so that they are there when you need them and out of sight when you don’t.