At Footstools & More, we find that many people stop at the word “footstools” and forget the other bit – “more”.

Yes, although we make footstools in just about every kind of shape, size, and material that you could ever imagine, we also make other things that the average homeowner will need.

For instance, you may want a new headboard for your bed. We make them in sizes from a 3’ single bed to a 7’ emperor. Yes, 7’. Did you know that you could buy a double bed that big? Well, you can – and we can produce the headboard for it in whatever material you wish.

Want a couple of cushions for your sofa? Of course, you do. We make cushions in sizes from 14” x 14” up to 20” x 20” – in absolutely any material that you choose!

And we also make serving trays. A serving tray is actually an almost essential item for any home. If you invite friends around for a drink, you need a serving tray. Depending how many friends you have, you may well need a large serving tray. We can make you one in light oak, dark oak, wenge, a black finish, or charcoal, as you choose. It can be square or rectangular, the latter being available in sizes of 30” x 20” or 35” x 25”. The perfect thing for serving drinks upon.

However, you also need a large serving tray if you are just a family of three or four and still use the dining room for your meals, as many people do. You have to carry crockery and food from the kitchen to the dining room, and back again when the meal is over. The only way that you can do that successfully is with a serving tray.

They Don’t Stop There

But our serving trays don’t stop there. If you have, say, one of our deep buttoned footstools, you can pop your serving tray down on it and use it to place a bowl of flowers on. You don’t want to put a bowl of flowers on the top of the footstool because it won’t stay level very easily, but on your serving tray it will be just fine.

You can use a serving tray on your footstool for other things too. Pop your laptop on it when you want to connect to the internet. Use it to play card games on. Put a support for your book on it. Keep your knitting wools on it. The possibilities are endless.