If you are planning on buying a footstool and haven’t been able to decide what type or how big it should be, consider a large ottoman, if you have the space. At Footstools & More, we can build an ottoman for you that can easily take two pairs of feet or even three. This is perfect when you want to sit on the sofa and watch the TV in comfort. 

Another big advantage of a large ottoman is that it can be used for extra seating when you have guests for dinner, or a party, and you don’t have enough chairs. If you have an ottoman that is long enough to take three pairs of feet, you will probably be able to quite easily have four people sitting on it – two on each side.

Better still, let us make your ottoman with a lid. Any sort of footstool takes up a certain amount of space, even if it is a small pouffe. A long ottoman will take up more space, so using it for storage makes a lot of sense. Footstools are, after all, usually empty boxes, but if you don’t have a lid on the top, you can’t use the space. Put a lid on it with hinges and – bingo! – you can use all that empty space for storing things.

If you have young children, which many families do, they love to have their toys all over the place and at the end of the day when it is bedtime the room can look as though it has been hit by a bomb! All you need to do is to put the kids to bed, read them their bedtime story, come back downstairs, and spend about 90 seconds picking up all the junk – sorry, toys – and your home is once again your own for the rest of the evening. Peace reigns!

Leather Or Fabric

Your ottoman can be covered in leather, which is the choice of many of our customers, or it can be one of the many fabric footstools that we produce. Leather looks great, and is classy, but many a customer wants one of our fabric footstools because there are so many options. So, you could have something like velvet in a range of different colours, or a plain fabric, or one of the many patterned fabrics that we offer. You can really mix and match so that your footstool can blend in with your décor, or you can make it stand out as you choose.