When it comes to leather footstools you cannot possibly beat the huge choice at Footstools & More. We can produce square leather footstools, round leather footstools, rectangular ones, and even oval ones. They can be plain. They can be buttoned. They can come with legs in different heights or without legs. They can be in real leather or in Idaho faux leather as you prefer. And they can be in a wide choice of colours, although many people go for brown leather footstools or black leather footstools.

Leather footstools are fabulous because they have that real leather look and smell. You know that smell you get when you buy a brand-new car with leather seats? Or perhaps you haven’t, but you have got into a new car that a relative or friend bought? Yes, THAT look and smell!

Well that’s what you get when you order a leather footstool from us! It is nothing short of sensational. We also have real leathers available in textured or smooth finishes and in colours from white through to black and everything in between. In fact, if we haven’t got the colour that you want pictured, all you have to do is to let us know and we’ll get whatever colour you want. Furthermore, we can send you some samples so that you can look at them in your own home and choose the perfect leather finish for you.

Leather footstools are also great because they are extremely hard wearing. You can spill red wine on them, and it just wipes off, whereas, to be fair, if you spill red wine on a wool surface, for example, you may have difficulty removing it. What’s more, a leather footstool can put up with years of hard knocks from kids bouncing up and down on it to grandad coming in from the garden in his wellies and putting his feet up while he has a well-earned cup of tea. It can also put up with the dog sitting on it.

Leather footstools can also be used as coffee tables – again secure in the knowledge that they will be fine even if someone spills their coffee – and they can be used as extra seating when you have guests and don’t have enough chairs. You can use them as a card table, and you can use them to place your chessboard on so that you can relax back in your sofa or armchair and take your time deciding upon your next move.

Furthermore, our leather footstools can be used for storage. Certainly, you can have a pouffe-type leather footstool, but you can also have one made with a lid that lifts up so that you can store anything that you wish in there. CD’s, DVD’s, books, magazines, kids’ toys, dog biscuits, games like Monopoly, and even a half bottle of brandy and a couple of glasses for that late-night drink before you head off to bed. Yes, our leather footstools can keep your room looking spick and span and you have all those odds and ends to hand at the same time.

Not only that, you can also use our leather footstools for – wait for it – putting your feet up on! When you have had a hard day at work, especially if it involves standing all day as many jobs do – working in a supermarket, on a production line, as a teacher, and a whole lot more – there is nothing better than coming home, having dinner, and then settling down on the settee and putting your feet up to watch the TV. At Footstools & More we give permission for all our customers to do that!

You can have a small leather footstool that is suitable for one person, or you can have a rectangular one that can easily be used by two people and the cat as well. That is the beauty of leather footstools - they are so incredibly versatile.

At Footstools & More we can also produce your footstool in any one of the dozens of different designs that we have available “in-house” and any one of the different leathers or Idaho faux leather as well. However, we can also produce a footstool to your own design and specifications if you prefer.

All our footstools use hardwood and are glued and screwed and they all have a two-year guarantee. We have been making footstools now for over 50 years, so we are getting quite good at it!