One of the things that every one of us does is leave the house through the front door. This may be just once a day when you get into the car to go to the office, and then you come home again, but many people are in and out of the home several times a day for a lot of different reasons. For instance, if you have a dog as a pet, that dog will need its’ walkies.

If you have a front garden, then you will need to keep it tidy, mow the grass, weed the beds, plant flowers, cut them, cut the hedge, and so on, and it all involves coming and going in and out of the house.

Of course, that is OK on a good day, but you have to take Fido walkies whether it is pouring with rain or snowing, too. And the same applies to workies because the boss will not be happy if you don’t turn up just because it is wet. And you always have to get shopping or there will be nothing on the dinner table.

Then you may also have kids. Need we say more? In and out, round to their mates, down to the park to play footie for a bit – there is no end to it.

And a lot of this has the effect of bringing wet shoes, and worse still, muddy shoes, into the house. This is why so many people today have a hallway bench seat with storage because it can save an awful lot of mess around the home.

Using a hallway bench seat gives you somewhere to sit down and take off those muddy wellies, rather than have the kids tearing around the house in them. When it has storage space as well, the muddy wellies can go in there until they have dried off, after which the kids can be made to take them outside and scrape them off. A hallway storage bench is also a useful place to store the dog’s lead, a football, and any of the other bits of junk sorry - kids toys that they want to take with them when they go out.

You can also use a hallway bench in other places too. For instance, they can make a great window seat because they are not all that deep, and they can be used for seating when you have guests around for drinks or to watch sport on TV.