If you are a family with a couple of kids, a dog, two cats, and no doubt a hamster or a budgie, then a very useful piece of furniture indeed is a hallway bench.

You probably already have a footstool of one sort or another so that you can put your feet up at the end of the day. That’s when you have fed the kids, bathed the kids, and finally got them upstairs so that you can have some peace and quiet. Not forgetting the dog’s dinner and those for the cats. Oh, and also picking up all the kids’ toys and the rest of the junk cluttering up the living room and popping it all in your ottoman or other storage footstool. Maybe you have a brown leather footstool? We find that a dark brown leather is one of the most popular materials for our footstools.

But going back to the hallway bench, this is a piece of furniture that most families with the aforementioned creatures in the home find of such great use. This is because it can save you an awful lot of time.

Covered In Mud

When you have two kids who go out to play in the park or take the dog for a walk when it is pouring with rain, you no doubt ensure that they wear a pair of wellies each. Those wellies come back covered in mud. If they come rushing into the hall and then the rest of the house with those on, you are in serious trouble!

A hallway bench solves that problem because you tell the kids to sit on it and take off those wellies. Said wellies are then plonked on the shelf on the bottom of the bench where they can dry off. The aforementioned kids can then go where they please without destroying your home. You might also choose to keep a towel in the hallway bench so that you can dry Rover off before he does the same thing!

Not only can you use such a bench in the hallway, but it is also useful for using as a window seat in a bay window, for instance, because they don’t take up a lot of space. It can also be used as extra seating for a party, as can your brown leather footstool. If you have one of each you can easily seat five or even six people at a pinch.