We all know that you need a footstool for comfort in the living room, and if you have a storage footstool it does so much more for you than a footstool which is only a footstool. You can store all sorts of things in a storage footstool, or better still, an ottoman because it is just that much bigger. Two people, or even three, can put their feet up on it, and you can keep all the bits and pieces that you need like your laptop, the remote, CDs. DVDs, newspapers, magazines, and so on inside it. You can even keep a bottle of your favourite plonk in there and a couple of glasses. It saves going out to the kitchen when you want a drink.

You Need A Hallway Bench

But did you know that you also need a hallway bench? Oh, yes, you do! One of these is a very practical and versatile piece of furniture, especially if you have one with a storage shelf on the bottom. When you go out to walk the dog in the rain, it stands to reason that you are going to come back with wet and muddy wellies, and the bench is perfect for sitting down on to take them off and swop them for your slippers which you left there when you went out. Then you put the muddy wellies on the storage shelf at the bottom and they can dry off.

This saves so much aggro – especially if you have kids who go out to play in the park, because you can insist that they do the same thing when they get back, so that you don’t finish up with muddy footprints around the home. You might also want to keep a rag there as well in order to wipe Fido’s muddy paws.

But a hallway bench doesn’t just have to be used in the hallway. These things are perfect for use as a window seat as they don’t take up a lot of space, and they can also be used in the conservatory.

And you can also use them as a footstool in the living room if you want. Not only that, but they are also useful when you have guests around and you need some extra seating because our hallway benches are made using hardwood, or can even have a metal frame, so they can be used to sit on as well.They come with a two-year construction guarantee.