At Footstools & More we create a vast range of different footstools – and not just footstools, but “more”. Not only do we make almost unlimited designs of footstools, but we also make cushions, headboards for your bed, and serving trays, which have so many different uses.

Of course, you can use serving trays to serve things on (the name’s a bit of a giveaway) such as food, drinks, coffee, tea, and so on, but you can also use a serving tray to hold a vase of flowers. Put it on top of your footstool when you are not using it, and it makes the perfect place for a bunch of roses, dahlias, sweet peas, or whatever other flowers are in season. A serving tray also makes the ideal place to rest your laptop when you are scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, and you can use it for holding up your knitting pattern or playing cards on – the ways you can use a serving tray are endless.

A Variety Of Uses

Of course, we make hundreds of different footstools, and they include a hallway bench which is another footstool that has a variety of uses. A hallway bench comes in a choice of different shapes and sizes – short, fat, thin, long - and has one very big advantage when you have kids coming in from the great outdoors in all weathers.

If you choose a metal hallway bench with a tray at the bottom, the kids can sit on the bench and take off their muddy boots and put them on the tray, swopping them for their slippers which they took off before they went out. This prevents them from tearing round the home like a bunch of maniacs, spreading mud and disaster far and wide.

Of course, you can also use a hallway bench in exactly the same way yourself when you have been out walking the dog in the woods or along the riverbank on a cold, wet morning, or when you have been trimming the front hedge or perhaps planting some bulbs in the border.

A hallway bench also makes an ideal extra seat for a couple of people coming around for a Christmas party (remember those?), to welcome in New Year’s Day, or a birthday or other event.

You can also use a hallway bench in a bay window, which makes an ideal seat when you fancy a spot of people watching out in the street.