When you get back from a hard day at the office – or even a hard day of WFH – there is nothing quite like relaxing on your sofa or in an armchair and putting your feet up on a footstool. You can sit down with the paper, which you may not have had a chance to read all day, or just turn on the telly, put your feet up, and enjoy a nice cup of tea, or perhaps your favourite tipple.

Not only is your footstool comfortable, but it is also a smart piece of furniture that can do wonders for your living room. The footstools that we make at Footstools & More can be used for sitting on, as they are exceedingly strong, so they can be used when you hold a party, or when friends pop round for a chat and you just don’t have enough seating. You can have your footstool covered in any one of a huge range of different materials to complement the décor of your home, or you might choose to make it a statement piece so that it stands out.

Whatever design or style of footstool you choose, there is no doubt that it does take up some space in the room, and that is why so many of our customers opt for a footstool with storage, often referred to as an ottoman.

Whatever you call it, since the footstool is going to take up that space, you might just as well make use of it, so if you have a footstool with a lid, you then have what is basically an empty box in which you can store all sorts of things.

This is just so useful if you have young children who want to play with their toys all day. Come bedtime, off they go, and then all you do is spend about a minute gathering up all the dolls/teddy bears/toy cars/games/drawing materials/jigsaw puzzles/and more, and chuck them in the footstool out of sight so that you can spend the rest of the evening without being surrounded by all that unwanted stuff.

You can also use your storage footstool to keep all sorts of items in that you need to have to hand, but don’t want littering up the room, such as a laptop, knitting, books, magazines, remotes, a tablet, your phone, and more.

Out of sight, out of mind, and no clutter.