Most of us have bought a chair or sofa in our lives, whether it was when we moved into our first apartment or upgraded our home interior. However, not everyone has purchased a footstool.

Despite being one of the most comfortable and versatile items you can have in the lounge or living room setting, it’s simply overlooked by many people. With reference to four of our favourite footstools at Footstools & More, we explore how you can seriously upgrade your down-time and relaxation space by investing in a great footstool.

Why Are Footstools So Great?

  1. They offer support for your legs and feet
  2. They complement large sofas that don’t allow your feet to reach the floor
  3. They help to promote blood circulation
  4. They enhance the overall aesthetic of any room
  5. They add character to your furniture set
  6. They’re useful for individuals with smaller height

The Ottoman

The ottoman footstool is a classic. The name alone conjures images of regal comfort and prestige. But while that all sounds great, the ottoman actually has a place in every home, no matter what your budget is.

In essence, an ottoman is a padded low-lying upholstered chair. They’re found in many homes as a place to rest your feet next to a complementary sofa, but they can also be used as seats themselves despite not having a back rest. When you’ve gathered your whole family around for a film, they’re perfect for adding that extra place for one of the kids to sit.

Although styles vary, ottomans are typically found in rich colours and fabrics with thick padded tops. These objects often stand out as statement pieces and are widely considered a luxury item.

Some households use their ottomans to double up as a coffee table or book rest, where they can place various items. If you’re worried about stability, all you need to do is add a flat coffee tray to create a perfect surface for your tea set or morning breakfast. You can even place a lovely vase of flowers on top to create a more artistic impression.

The Storage Footstool

A storage footstool is a way to get even more out of your footstool at home. If you lack space in your living room, one of these can give you an additional compartment for tidying things away. Some people like to store things like magazines, books and newspapers in them, while others may use it as a practical home for TV remotes and electronics.

These stools may look identical to ottomans in many cases, with an additional lid that can be lifted or taken off. The hinge of this joint can be hidden in a way that you’ll never realise there is a compartment inside your stool, if you prefer.

An increasing amount of people buy storage footstools for children’s rooms these days. As well as providing a perfect place to perch while you mind your little ones, it offers another well-needed space for storing the many various toys and gadgets in your child’s room.

The Pouffe

Sometimes mistakenly used to describe an ottoman footstool, a pouffe is typically much smaller. In appearance, it is almost entirely covered in padding or fabric and can sometimes look like a large cushion. These will cost considerably less due to the simple structure of the object, but will also add some great comfort and aesthetic character to your living room set.

These pouffe footstools are available in round, square, rectangle and many other shapes. Some believe these types of footstools don’t suit every home design scheme, but you might be surprised how versatile they are after viewing the options in our gallery. Some pouffes come with very luxurious fabrics while others will come with more raw and earthy type materials, offering a low-key and rustic look that works in almost every home setting.

Leather Footstools

Finally, the leather footstool is one of our absolute favourites. There’s nothing more classic than quality leather furniture. Durable and comfortable, leather footstools can become even more stylish and comfortable with time, gaining character as it ages.

Whether you’re looking for a classic ottoman or black leather footstool to create a timeless look, or a more unique and tailored footstool design, at Footstools & More we’ve got a wide range of options fit for every home and budget!