Coffee Table Stools

One of our most popular stools is the Coffee Table Stool and these are generally large, low standing pieces of furniture. We have a range of styles and sizes – along with a great choice of fabrics, leathers and legs. A Coffee Table Stool is a great alternative to the traditional wooden coffee table.

Available in plain, buttoned and deep-buttoned styles or Coffee Table Stool can offer comfort, elegance and a beautiful focal point to your room. The coffee table style is ideal to keep your magazines, books, laptop, iPad, to play cards, board games and of course put a tray of drinks on.

If you need extra storage a Coffee Table Storage Ottoman is the perfect choice. Today, we have lots of ‘things’ that we need to have available but don’t want to keep out on view. Books, laptop, toys, photo albums, knitting and more! Our Coffee Table Storage Ottomans have slow closing lids to keep those fingers safe and we can also add a latch or lock.

Circular Coffee Table Stools have recently become quite popular. They can be plain, buttoned, deep-buttoned and the circular storage ottoman can also have a removable lid.

Here’s some of our large Coffee Table Stools:
Coffee Table Stools

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